“I am going to find out who I can become to break my limitations”

Hi! I’m Greg…

Just another guy who went through the British comprehensive education system – school, college, university, and into corporate life at a quite successful job…but earlier in the year I came to the realisation that the world over here is always going to be the same, with the same stressors.  You could earn £20,000, £50,000 or £100,000 a year, but what actually changes? You have a better car? A slightly better house? No matter what, you’re still going to stress over saving/moving money around to try to enjoy life.

If that is always going to be a constant, why not take time to experience something totally different…and potentially that experience can give you the skills to manage the way the world is, possibly giving a new dynamic to the way you deal with life for your benefit.  So I have decided to try something I heard about a couple of years ago, but back then I was not in the right mentality to take the leap of faith needed to go for it…but this year a few events (fortunately – in the long run) have given me the mindset to (stealing from Nike’s slogan) ‘Just Do It’.

I mean, there are plenty of people who pretentiously say “I’m going travelling to find myself” (or something equally as annoying), but I do not believe that is what I am looking to do. I know my skills, my strengths, and my limitations pretty well. So I am living by the ethos that “I am going to find out who I can become to break my limitations, truly trust myself, and gain an insight into the way to deal with what we live by here, for a more balanced life”…and hopefully this is an experience that can help reveal that.

The journey I will be blogging about is my time at the Maling Shaolin Academy, where I plan to train for 9 months with the masters, and the other students, in China. This blog aims to give you an insight to what I believe is quite a niche travelling experience, so that you may be inspired to take that leap of faith into your own experience.

I aim to have limited technology while I am training, but if you want to connect through the social media buttons for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for alternative updates feel free to, and I will post to these when I can.


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