“I Wanna Be The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was” – My First Kung Fu Competition¬†

Nerves? What are these things!? For a guy who rarely gets nervous, something shook me to my core, thus making me THE most nervous I have been in recent years. That something was the ‘1st Annual Xuzhou HuaiHai Holding Cup’ – A new Kung Fu competition in one of our closer cities. I knew for months that we would be attending, but with all the performances lately it kind of snuck up on me. 

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Preparation: Packing…I Hate Packing

So…it’s the night before I leave for China! The best time in my opinion to pack is the night before because the pressure makes you cut out the things you definitely don’t need! Lean packing!!! The challenge is this 20kg I have to stick to…earlier I was 7kg over and cursing the world. I want to stick to this though, since I plan on travelling a bit after training in China, and don’t want to lug around something the weight of an obese child from America.

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Preparation: Saying Goodbye to Friends

Well I am definitely dragging this leaving stuff out, its my coping mechanism to fully accept I am going bloody far! Been just over week since I finished at the office and the sheer volume of goodbye drinks and night’s out has been ridiculous. After the speech at work, a day later I had what I wanted to be my big leaving party in Reading. Downside alert! My Durham uni boys could not make that date, and a couple of others I really wanted there…but putting the initial disappoint aside, sorted other times to see them.

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Preparation: I’m Unemployed!!!

On the brink of tears today eh!? As soon as I walked into work it honestly felt different. Last day vibes were seriously in the cold winter air. Knowing that the laptop I use everyday was going to be wiped and handed back is a big thing in my world (even though it’s a shit laptop). Sending off final emails and ensuring I’m leaving my role in a good state meant a lot to me, since I’m not leaving on bad terms.

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Preparation: My Last Week At Work

It’s getting a bit too real now! Over 6 years at REL Field Marketing, knocking about with the funniest, and weirdest people ever, is coming to a close.

The Christmas party last Friday did not help, with people I will not see, since they are not office-based, saying some truly complimentary things about me, and farewell wishes…Didn’t think I would get that emotional, but I did (The 27 JD and cokes probably helped a bit there…just a bit).

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Preparation: Getting a Visa

So there are so many things that I thought were going to hold me back from getting to China; nerves, friends and family, loving my job…potentially falling in love with a blonde girl that looked like Rachael Riley. BUT the biggest thing in my mind was the technical travel there, so a Visa was needed to be applied for.

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