“This Isn’t Even My Final Form!!!” – My Last Grading & Everything I Have Achieved In 8 Months

The time has come! Blood, sweat, a bit more blood, and tears have lead me to the final part of my journey at the Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy. Before you leave the academy you have a chance to grade anything you have been training, and it is a great chance for the masters to give you some final feedback for you to train when you return home. I had 8 forms to grade; Shaolin Broadsword, Tai Chi Broadsword, Baji Black Tiger Fist, 7 Star Fist and 4 Wing Chun dummy forms. This was the culmination of my training here, so I wanted to give it maximum effort, more speed and definitely more power!

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“The Best Way To Find Yourself Is To Lose Yourself In The Service of Others” – Giving Back To Our New Community

There is more to my story out here than trying to learn Kung Fu. Don’t get me wrong, that is the cool aspect, and I am having a friggin’ ball training with my Kung Fu Brothers (and sisters!). However, an underlying reason to why I journeyed over 5000 miles is to find if the things that granted me happiness back at home was finite, or is there so much more out there? To find out, I think I have to be open to all opportunities. I mentioned this before and it’s why I took the chance to teach English to the Chinese Younglings (Chunglings?). Another such opportunity arose to journey to a slightly further city with my Danish PIC (Partner In Crime) to teach English.

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“Do You Understand The Words Coming Out Of My Mouth?” – Teaching English to Chinese Children

Living in China brings more to my life than simply training in Kung Fu. It is presenting other opportunities to develop, to enhance what I am, as long as I am open to saying yes, and allowing situations to play out. Living by this ethos, I had one of the coolest and most “Chinese” days ever on the Saturday just gone. It was just full of traditional shizniz that I I definitely wanted to experience. How did this day come to pass? Well, earlier in the week, while doing an ab workout routine Master Du gave me (which has really improved my core in a short time!), Master Bao casually called me to the office and informed me of an opportunity that had arisen…

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