“Obi-Wan Said You Killed Younglings!?” – Kids Train At The Academy

Children EVERYWHERE! Kung Fu Camp (or KFC as I like to call it) has started at the academy. For 40 days in the school summer holidays, approximately 30 children are getting trained by Master Bao and Peter. The place is filled with a different, refreshing energy, as well as the pain of the youngling students training, which we cannot take our eyes off of!

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“If There Is Pain, You Are Correct!” – The Hardest Week…Ever

After a week off for Chinese New Year I knew my body was going to get shocked, but I was really not ready for what happened. Master Wei was still away from the academy (on his New Year break), so Headmaster Bao took over. This, coupled with my return to running after a short break due to injury, I knew it was going to be a hell of a week!

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My “Wax on Wax off” Moments – Academy Classes

After now being involved in every class the Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy (MSKA) has to offer, I thought I would give some initial impressions and view on what they are, and how outrageously knackered they have ALL
made me feel in my first complete week! For videos of some of this stuff in short snippets check out my Instagram.

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