“So…This Washes Off, Right?” – My First Tattoo & Reminding Myself of My Goals 6 Months In

It’s been 6 months…that went fast! I remember when I first had the idea of coming to train at Maling Academy that I would be happy if I lasted half a year, so I’m thankful that not only have I lasted, but I really enjoy my lifestyle here. However, this does mean that I do not have long left, so I wanted a momentum to always carry with me to remind myself of the positive thoughts, feelings and ideas that have been catalysed whilst training here, in an effort to live a better life back home. That momentum is a meaningful tattoo!

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“I Know Kung Fu?” – My First Shaolin Grading

Nearly 3 months in and finally the time was upon me…A chance for the Masters to view my forms and give feedback. Unlike gradings I have done in karate (back in the day), the Shaolin system here at the Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy takes a different approach. It isn’t about obtaining belts in colours to suggest your rank, but a chance to get feedback to continuously improve. It’s a refreshing take on learning since it doesn’t say that you are of a certain level, which can make you complacent so you stop there, it makes you constantly review your learnings and have ongoing improvement.

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