“So…This Washes Off, Right?” – My First Tattoo & Reminding Myself of My Goals 6 Months In

It’s been 6 months…that went fast! I remember when I first had the idea of coming to train at Maling Academy that I would be happy if I lasted half a year, so I’m thankful that not only have I lasted, but I really enjoy my lifestyle here. However, this does mean that I do not have long left, so I wanted a momentum to always carry with me to remind myself of the positive thoughts, feelings and ideas that have been catalysed whilst training here, in an effort to live a better life back home. That momentum is a meaningful tattoo!

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“More Speed! More Power!” – What I Have Learnt Training For 2 Months

I’m still alive!!! I can’t believe it has been nearly 2 months of training here. Parts of it have flown by, but there have certainly been moments when the pain has dragged out time, and almost made it stand still! I thought it would be good to scribe my development so far, since this kind of intensive training can be compared directly with Kung Fu classes, running and fitness stuff back home.
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